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Why never quarrel with a real smart man? (depth) 2020-07-24

It's easy to beat others, but too hard to defeat yourself.

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There is no kind of work is not aggrieved, go through 2020-07-06

You can finally cross the dark night, walk through the rough road, cross the turbulent River, and harvest the life you want.

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Management also needs Aesthetics 2020-06-12

Management aesthetics and management aesthetic ability are new concepts and ideas proposed by the author, which can help us better understand the beauty and ugliness of management in addition to good and bad, which is conducive to upgrading the quality and grade of management.

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People's biggest sorrow is that they mistook the platform as their ability 2020-06-03

One's real wisdom is to cherish the platform, to be good at transforming the resources and advantages of the platform into its own value and ability, and to pave the way for future development.

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Inefficient people are the same, good people start with the end 2020-05-28

Good reading is recommended. Good people start with the end.

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