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"Double main body" education + love education, Lunan pharmaceutical 2020 order class began to recruit students!
Lunan Pharmaceutical Group: 2020-36009:16
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Employment is the foundation of people's livelihood, and education is the foundation of people's livelihood. "Lunan Pharmaceutical Group" calls for "stable employment and social responsibility" of Lunan group With the development goal of "one hundred year brand", we have carried out in-depth cooperation with seven colleges and universities in the province to give full play to the advantages of "dual subject" education, create an education mechanism of "synchronous recruitment and enrollment, synchronous learning and work, and synchronous graduation and employment", and cultivate pharmaceutical marketing talents.

Six reasons for choosing Lunan pharmaceutical order class

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Enrollment plan of order class in Lunan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in 2020

By school initials:

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To join Lunan pharmaceutical order class, you need to have the following conditions

(1) He is determined to join Lunan pharmaceutical in pharmaceutical marketing;

(2) It meets the requirements of independent enrollment or comprehensive evaluation in 2020;

(3) The score has reached the separate enrollment score line of each cooperative school and passed the company interview;

(4) Good health, good image, no bad habits.

How to join Lunan pharmaceutical order class

Registration time: May 21-24, 2020 (9:00-18:00 every day)

Online payment time: May 24-30

Examination time: Early June

Please identify the QR code on wechat and pay attention to the official website of each school and the relevant enrollment documents of the enrollment department for specific information such as registration, examination, interview and admission.

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Other matters

In addition to the above colleges and universities to carry out single enrollment cooperation, but also in the following colleges and universities to set up the title class, temporary order class, etc., after admission by the company interview qualified can join, welcome the majority of candidates to apply for the examination!  

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More information of Lunan pharmaceutical order class is continuously updated, please pay attention to

Lunan Pharmaceutical Group and the cooperative colleges and universities have the final right to explain the enrollment of order class in 2020. No agency or training institution is entrusted to recruit students! Welcome high school, technical school, vocational school to recommend excellent students!

Admission hotline:

0539-3116129 (teacher Xu)

0539-8336116 (teacher Zhang)

QQ group:

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Do you have any questions about the order class of Lunan Pharmaceutical Group? Welcome to dial the staff telephone consultation

Manager Chen 15692398160 (in charge of Linyi Vocational College)

Manager Liu 18669969263 (in charge of Zibo Vocational College and Binzhou Vocational College)

Manager Liu 13562999205 (in charge of Rizhao vocational and Technical College)

Manager Zhan 15054910246 (in charge of Weifang Engineering Vocational College)

Manager Zhang 18315771155 (in charge of Shandong Vocational College of medicine and food)

Manager Ma 13954449565 (in charge of Shandong Polytechnic Vocational College)