1. What are the benefits of the company?

① Salary, namely seven insurance payment;

② Festival red packets, welfare;

③ Regular physical examination;

④ One month paid travel leave (payment of travel expenses) and 20 days of family visit leave.

2. How to solve the housing problem?

① The company provides collective apartments for employees with complete facilities;

② Ordinary employees will be allocated housing after marriage, while Shuo and Bo will be allocated housing one year after entering the company.

Training opportunities?

The company will provide pre job training, outward bound training, professional training and study abroad for young employees to improve their comprehensive quality.

4. How to grow up?

① After joining Lunan, every young employee should train and grow from the grass-roots level. Have a good attitude, set up perseverance and enterprising spirit, in the grass-roots can start from small things, from every day, in all kinds of conditions can always adhere to their beliefs and goals.

② The company has established a mature staff career development system, which is the development channel of management personnel, technical personnel and business personnel, so as to realize the common growth of talents and enterprises.

5. How about your spare time life?

① There are also facilities for free, such as gym, gymnasium, gymnasium, gymnasium, gymnasium, gymnasium, etc.

② The company has a sports fund for the general manager to encourage employees to actively participate in recreational and sports activities, and regularly hold basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, tennis, billiards league matches, large-scale entertainment and other activities.

③ The company's lush trees, lakes and mountains, elegant ecological environment and magnificent plant construction complement each other, forming a harmonious development between the enterprise and the ecological environment.