Business purpose

Benefit the society and create a better life


Innovation leading and service promoting

Enterprise vision

Build a leading domestic and world-class comprehensive medical research and production base

Enterprise spirit

Not afraid of difficulties, challenge difficulties and overcome difficulties

Fine style of work

Loyalty, responsibility and dedication

Business objectives

Training and bringing up talents

       Lunan Pharmaceutical Group is a comprehensive pharmaceutical group integrating the production, scientific research and sales of drugs, chemicals and biological products. It is a national innovative enterprise and a key high-tech enterprise of the national torch plan. Its member enterprises include Lunan Houpu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Lunan Beite Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shandong new era Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Lunan new era Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, It is listed in the top 500 competitive power of China's large enterprise groups and the top 500 manufacturing industry of China's private enterprises. It has been ranked among the top 100 tax payers of Shandong Province for many years. In 2019, the brand value of Lunan pharmaceutical reached 8.334 billion yuan.  

       The group has a number of high-level research and development platforms, such as the national chiral pharmaceutical engineering technology research center, the mammalian cell efficient expression National Engineering Laboratory, the State Key Laboratory of traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical generic technology, and the national enterprise technology center. It has established technical cooperation with more than 100 universities and scientific research institutes at home and abroad. The innovation ability of the enterprise technology center ranks in the forefront of the national pharmaceutical industry, ranking second In 2018, he won the second prize of national science and technology innovation and technology progress award of he Qiangli, and won the second prize of national science and technology innovation fund of China. The company has established a quality assurance system in line with international quality supervision concepts such as ICH, FDA and EDQM. All dosage forms and varieties have passed the new national GMP certification. It has been awarded the title of "the best industrial enterprise in China's pharmaceutical R & D product line" for many times, and its overall quality management level ranks first in the same industry in China. The company is in the leading position in the industry in terms of product quality level, independent innovation ability and management level. It has been listed in the top 500 Chinese enterprise patents and won the sixth Shandong provincial governor quality award.

       The company has always adhered to the business purpose of "benefiting the society and creating a better life", adhering to the enterprise spirit of "not afraid of difficulties, challenging difficulties and overcoming difficulties", and adhering to the development strategy of "taking reform as the driving force, taking the market as the center, and taking science and technology as the guide", it has developed into a national large-scale comprehensive pharmaceutical group, and has been awarded "National May 1st Labor Award" and "national model" "Home of workers" and "national advanced unit of mass sports". We are committed to building an international 100 year old pharmaceutical national brand and making greater contributions to the realization of the goal of "healthy China and a healthy world". By naming CCTV financial channel's "workplace health class" and Shandong Radio and television public channel's "physical health" and other columns, we use multi-channel and multi platform to improve people's health literacy, strengthen health education, and inject them into health education The concept of "prevention of disease" and "prevention of disease". In 2017, Lunan Pharmaceutical Group signed a contract with CCTV to become "CCTV health public welfare partner".

Lunan Pharmaceutical Group, which is full of vigor and vitality and aspires to the world, is taking "innovation leading and service promotion" as the guidance, and taking "maintaining the advantages of chemical pharmacy, vigorously developing traditional Chinese medicine, and strengthening biopharmaceutical" as the goal, to realize a new and greater leap forward on the international road of revitalizing national medicine and creating a century old brand!